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Digital download of the original score for "la pointe au portail" for oboe, violoncello, and piano. Composed by Robert K. Mueller.


The Grand Portal (la pointe au portail) is a natural arch rock formation on the shore of Lake Superior within the great escarpment of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. Before 1900, its span of over 100 feet was large enough to allow ships to sail underneath it. A mighty crash in 1900, which could be heard 100 miles away, limited the scope of the natural arch, but the formation maintains its grandeur. The music of this trio portrays the effects of wind and waves upon the Grand Portal, "where steady rhythms from the piano anchor yet never inhibit free-flowing melodic lines" (Jed Distler), including a musical representation of a geological collapse. 


Available to watch here.

la pointe au portail

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