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Digital download of the original composition "Deserted Paths" composed by Robert Mueller. Includes a score, flute part, and oboe part.


Listen here.


Commissioned by the Green Lake Trio (Jill Heyboer, flute, Theresa Delaplain, oboe, and Robin Guy, piano), Deserted Paths was first performed in 2014 at the National Flute Convention in Chicago.  Each of the three movements represents hiking on a deserted path to different destinations. As described by reviewer Huntley Dent, "It feels like an inner journey to deeper reaches of emotion and memory." The first movement, entitled, “…to the hayfield,” opens with an extended flute solo.  The second, “…to the mountains,” features the oboe; while the finale, “…to the old cemetery,” opens with just piano but soon continues with all three instruments.

Deserted Paths

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